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Your realtor Tom & the Money Menders team are on your side!

Tom Peluso
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Many new home buyers run into a few common issues getting started and we have good news.

They can be resolved! 

With the right help, it's going to be a breeze.

The Right Help

We've helped many people with their finances and have seen amazing results;

  • Boosting their credit score into the top tier

  • Improving their debt-to-income ratio

  • Building up a reliable savings


Our Approach​

Simple. Clear. Support.

We guide you through the entire process. Go from where you are, to becoming a home owner, and beyond. We're right there with you the whole way.

People have achieved exactly that working together with our team. 

1.  Personal Review

Review your financial situation & goals with the Money Menders team.

2.  Tailored Plan 

Receive a simple step-by-step plan focused on your current situation and goals to lay out fastest path to becoming a homeowner!  

3.  Extended Support

Save time and effort by getting wide range of personal support.  

These steps have guided others to achieving not only their new home but financial success.​



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